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                                                                        Dream Catcher Instructions

                                                             Written By Dee Stewart

         	 A web is woven inside a ring (almost any size will work) with sinew 
		or leather lacing. Dream Catchers have the ring wrapped with either fur,
	        leather, or leather string.  Beads and feathers are woven in.  Either 
		strips of fur or leather strings (usually 7 pieces about six inches long) 
		are attached below the ring.  
		Web - Tie one end of sinew or leather string on hoop.  Keeping the sinew 
		snug, tie half hitches evenly on ring.  Go all around ring.  Tie the next
		half hitch in the center of the beginning loop.  Keep going in rounds, 
		attaching beads and feathers as you please.  Cover your knots with beads
		and feathers.  Tip:  The tighter your work the better.


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