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Moon Warrior

Written By Hair Dark aka Katherine Raborn

When the winds were whispering,

I felt nothing but the breeze blow.

Listening to the sounds left there,

Of ancestors long ago.


You could hear the drums beat,

Chanting from the host around.

And I fell down on my knees,

Upon this sacred ground.


A spirit then did call to me,

My child look, there upon the hill.

Gazing upward toward the big sky,

I felt this sudden chill.


There stood a Moon Warrior,

Bathed in radiant golden light.

Shining brightly in the stillness,

There in the dead of night.


By his side a faithful wolf,

As white as winters snow.

He mirrored the depth within me,

The things my soul did know.


He was mighty, he was brave,

Yet I knew he was not real.

Moon Warrior had passed over,

But his form was strong like steel.


A message he did bring to me,

His voice resounded clear.

I have not come to harm you,

Nor am I the one to fear.


We laid down our weapons,

Our spears we put to rest.

It was as though the Sky Father,

Had put us to a test.


Our spirits were not to be broken,

No matter the cost we paid.

Many a fine young Warrior,

We offered up in embers grave.


You must tell our people,

That I still roam this land.

All the fighting we ever did,

They now must join and band.


So listen to my words,

Let the peace enter your heart.

Believe in yourself and the Elders,

From your teachings do not part.


The cold that coursed my body,

Suddenly left it warm and inspired.

Wondering of all I had beheld,

Such things which had transpired.


The Moon Warrior turned,

Rode off swiftly as he came.

Without his telling me so,

I knew he would be back again.


copyright HairDark aka Katherine Raborn 

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