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Mother Earth

Written By Hair Dark aka Katherine Raborn

In a single blade of grass,

that blows in a summer's breeze.

To the flower filled meadows,

and the moss that hangs from trees.


I gather them like small children,

under the protection of my care.

You see I am Mother Earth,

therefore, I am everywhere.


Seeing that they have showers,

of soft rain to wash them clean.

Embankments shade of cover,

along the water's running stream.


Allowing them full freedom,

to grow and beautify your life.

That you may always be enriched,

by the ever presence of their rife.


But you do not heed my warning,

each time you pick a simple bloom.

You leave behind a single tear,

dropped upon an empty tomb.


Soon oceans will cease to flow,

no more fish will it yield.

Crops you carefully planted,

will lay dying in the field.


The day I reclaim my gifts,

then barren this earth will be.

Perhaps then you will realize,

you are destroying me.


copyright HairDark aka Katherine Raborn 

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