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Soul Mates

Written By Hair Dark aka Katherine Raborn

In the arms of my Warrior,

time will stand so still.

There will be no yesterdays,

only this one moment until.


The morning sun does rise,

streaking across heavens sky.

Then we will part once again,

spilling tears in a lost goodbye.


Forbidden this love,

one nation crossing another.

Something it seems they forgot,

how it feels to be young lovers.


He will return to his people,

I will go back to my own.

It is a way of life we live,

all that we have ever known.


If a love this strong,

can place warmth in our heart.

How can anyone say it is wrong,

and why should we be apart.


But there will come a day,

as soulmates we will be one.

Hearts for all time merged,

a new life will have begun.


We will show our people,

that all in this world are related.

No matter the Tribal Nation,

we can no longer be negated.


For we are the strong ones,

standing tall in all we were taught,

knowing we walk the path of truth,


It cannot be for naught.


Until that day comes forth,

lost in my soulmate I continue to be.

Some stolen moments to be near him,

his spirit is such a part of me.


copyright HairDark aka Katherine Raborn 

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