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Sounds Of Mother Earth

Written By Hair Dark aka Katherine Raborn

The sounds of Mother Earth,

in this melody I wonder.

Rains pour from clouded skies,

accompanied by a clash of thunder.


Often others hear only fear,

but if you listen with your heart.

It is then you truly realize,

each plays out the Sky Father's part.


Let it mellow out your soul,

close your eyes and drift along.

Feel the depth of every heartbeat,

in this beauty of a love song.


All things in their own time,

leave your spirit open, set it free.

Even in the change of seasons,

ancestors reach out, so let it be.


Planned in perfect harmony,

do not turn away nor deny,

A gift that comes on gilded chords,

from one far wiser than you or I.


copyright HairDark aka Katherine Raborn 

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